Hi! I’m Heather. Lover of the water, native St. Pete-ian, and fine art photographer. Growing up in Florida, I’ve always felt a deep attraction to water, interested in its power to give life and magnify beauty. In my work, I use water along with the camera as a medium to explore themes of light and darkness, beauty and rebirth, and how we connect to and question our reality. To me there is nothing more beautiful than how water is a medium of art all in itself — how it moves, how it mirrors, how it refracts and bends light, how it only lets us be consumed by it for a short amount of time. It is its own magnificent, beautiful beast that will forever enchant me. I love all of the mystery and it’s part of what has inspired me to be an artist.

It was during my undergraduate studies at The University of Central Florida that I discovered a deep love of surrealism. Not a painter, I turned to photography as a means of creating surrealist imagery and I haven’t looked back. I quickly went from my undergraduate degree in the arts, to obtaining my masters degree where I focused on pushing underwater photography to new limits. Since obtaining my MFA in 2012, I have been exhibited in fine art galleries nationally and internationally, worked in photojournalism, photo editing and corporate communications.

Currently I am exhibiting in my local community, as well as selling limited edition prints of my work online. I am also happy to announce that I am currently working with private clients to create custom photo shoots. Feel free to drop me a line to say hi or ask any questions!